Day 1 - Wales and the World

Day 1 - Wales and the World
Welcome: Wales Climate Week 2021
09:00  to  10:00

The challenge of climate change requires everyone to act – there is no more time for delay. It is our responsibility as a nation to come together to protect our planet and our people by working towards a sustainable future for our children and our children’s children. This opening session will set the context for the five-day Wales Climate Week conversation, focusing on the collective action needed to deliver our new Net Zero plan, capitalising on this as a blueprint to work together over the next five years on the path to achieving net zero emissions and better outcomes for the people of Wales.

Rt Hon Mark Drakeford MS. First Minister of Wales.
Julie James MS. Minister for Climate Change.
Rt. Hon John Gummer Lord Deben. Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change. Climate Change.
Sophie Howe. Future Generations Commissioner for Wales.
Clare Pillman. Chief Executive. Natural Resources Wales.
Day 1 - Wales and the World
A just transition: future-proof our work (hosted by TUC Cymru)
11:00  to  12:30

Every industry and every workplace needs a plan for a net-zero future. High-carbon workplaces are at the frontline of this transformation, but all workplaces need to take action.

Done right, action on climate has the potential to transform and strengthen our industries, create good jobs and address inequalities. But if we don’t get it right, there is a danger that jobs could be lost, emissions off-shored and communities hollowed out. That is why unions have called for a ‘just transition’ to net-zero.

 A ‘just transition’ is one where workers have a central voice in planning the transition, so it is done ‘with’ them not ‘to’ them. It’s one where no workers or communities are left behind. And where new jobs that are created are just as good (or better than) any that are lost in terms of pay, skills, pensions, equality, health and safety and trade union recognition. 

Shavanah Taj. BME General Secretary. Wales TUC.
Meesha Nehru. Researcher. Labour Research Department.
Eleri Williams. Change Analyst. Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales.
Mary Williams. Head of Political and Policy. Unite the Union.
Day 1 - Wales and the World
Wales - an international partner in a global crisis
12:45  to  13:45

This panel discussion will showcase how members of Under2Coalition are working together to keep warming within 1.5ºC. It will highlight the ambition and leading actions being taken by states and regions to combat the climate emergency. The network is now the largest global network of states and regions committed to reducing emission which represents 50% of the global economy.

Collaboration between states and regions is essential to setting and reaching climate targets globally. Bringing together states and regions to share experiences and learn from one another to reach climate goals is essential if we are going to meet our targets. In this event, regional governments will be giving their views across a range of sectors on key achievements to date, the direction of travel moving forward and reflecting on some of the new innovation areas emerging, along with the challenges being faced and how this is playing into the ambitions of the Under2 Coalition.


Michael Matheson. Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero. Energy and Transport, Scotland.
Julie James MS. Minister for Climate Change.
Tim Ash Vie. Director. Under2 Coalition Secretariat, The Climate Group.
Oswaldo Lucon.
Ms Arantxa Tapia. Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Country. Basque Government.
Day 1 - Wales and the World
The youth of Wales – their say on the climate emergency
15:00  to  16:30

Reflections on COP and priorities for climate action in Wales - a youth perspective 

This session will provide an opportunity for young people in Wales to reflect on their experiences of COP, give their thoughts on climate activism and to look ahead to the priorities for climate action.  They will set out their key asks and outline what they want to see Wales prioritise over the next few years to support the urgent action that’s needed during this ‘decade of delivery’. 

Emily-Rose Jenkins. Future Generations Leadership Academy alumni.
Joshua Beynon. Future Generations Leadership Academy alumni.
Poppy Stowell-Evans. Chair. Youth Climate Ambassador for Wales.
Shenona Mitra. Vice-Chair and Communications Officer. Youth Climate Ambassadors for Wales.
Barbara Davies Quy. Deputy Director. Size of Wales.
Rosalind Skillen. Young Climate Reporter. BBC.