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Following a successful event in 2020, Wales Climate Week returns from 22-26 November with a 5-day programme of virtual events. The week will kick-start a nationwide conversation on the Net Zero Wales Plan and the collective action needed to ensure Wales meets its targets. Open to all, the online sessions will help people understand what Wales has already achieved, what changes we can expect in the next five years and how, together, we can shape the future.

Each day’s programme will take on a different theme and include presentations, discussions and debates involving a wide range of organisations from every corner of Wales. Delegates can register to watch any or all of the sessions live, leave comments and ask questions as part of the virtual audience.

Content from all Wales Climate Week sessions will be made available via the On-demand page.

An overview of the Wales Climate Week themes is provided below.

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Day 1 (Monday 22 November): Wales and the world

Wales is committed to a mission for making the 2020s a decade of climate action, and achieving the same level of decarbonisation in the 2020s as achieved in the previous thirty years. Climate Change is the biggest existential threat to our planet, to our communities, our families and each other. In Wales we aim to work with and learn from other nations to find innovative solutions to the challenges we face as well as sharing ideas where we have succeeded. Hear from Welsh Ministers, leading scientists, international partners, youth ambassadors and other key voices who will be setting the scene for Wales Climate Week, as we bring together the views and thoughts of a nation.

Day 2 (Tuesday 23 November): Energy and emissions

Energy impacts everything, and that’s a big issue for Wales and the world. Today’s discussions focus on how Wales is coming together to tackle new ways of removing carbon from our energy systems. We explore the importance of reducing our reliance on traditional energy sources and how we are making strides towards greater use of renewable resource.

Day 3 (Wednesday 24 November): How Wales is responding to the climate emergency

We dig deep today to ask what else has to be in place to enable net zero beyond our nation’s commitment to a reduction in emissions? We explore actions and policies from different sectors of the economy to enable and drive the wider change required to tackle the climate emergency.

Day 4 (Thursday 25 November): Exploring the role of nature in climate resilience

Working with nature, rather than against it, is an important route towards preserving our climate and achieving net zero. Today, we explore the most effective actions, on land and at sea, to reduce the impact of climate change.

Day 5 (Friday 26 November): How individual choices impact the world climate
How can everyone make a contribution to Net Zero Wales? Exploring the difference each of us can make – at home, in work and in our community – while making sure the costs and benefits of net zero are shared fairly between people and communities.