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Hosted by Sara Edwards

Practical solutions are vital if we are to address the damage and loss caused by climate change. This regional roadshow took a deep dive into how we can best retain existing industry while building resilient infrastructure and agriculture, protecting and restoringe habitats and supporting those most vulnerable to climate change.

Speakers discussed future training and development needs, the importance of world-class research and the essential role that hydrogen will play in decarbonisation. The programme also considered climate change and its impacts on agriculture and food security on regional and national scales and featured case studies that showcased the critical role of organisations, governance, policy and finance.

The final session considered how the impacts of flooding and coastal changes could be mitigated and highlighted case studies of projects that illustrate how we are already adapting to change, including the Newgale Coastal Adaptation scheme and National Trust Cymru’s Shifting Shores Policy.

Click here to access a recording of the event